A Small Guide
This Is a small guide for new people to the server

New to the server? looking for nice way to make money without dicing?

Here is my small guide to get you started off!

Well, the best thing to do once you join the server, is to train up your stats, get yourself a good few attack&strength levels etc.

Talk to Mazchna at home and he will provide you with a slayer task, upon completing a task, repeat the process untill you get 50 points.

Reached 50 points? Great!
Purchase a Lit Bug Lantern (see below)

the item with (59) in stock.

Sell it back to for 50M repeat the process till you have something around 200-300M

Buy some better armour and repeat process then you can go forth to do things such as Chaos Ele, KBD etc.

Along the way collect some of the drops (rune items) and so forth, and high alch them to earn yourself a little more money.

Option 2: Skilling ( this will take a lot of time) so please make sure you are patient.

There are many ways of skilling that will make you money.
Fishing,cooking and herblore are probably the best way to make money, fishing and cooking manta rays, will always be a nice way to make yourself money while getting yourself food for the upcoming fights you may have such as pvm,pvp whatever you prefer.
Herblore: Making super attack,strengths,defense, and last super restores you can also make sara brews, for pkers.

This is my simple guide to making money if you are new to the server, if this has in any way helped you please leave a comment below, also all feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading!

Guide Written By JonBrown!