Moneymaking Guide for New Players

Hello boys and girls. I decided to make a money making guide for the new players. I have mostly focused on drops and methods thatgets you items that are possible to obtain fast and that sells for a nice profit. Hope you leave a like or a comment if this helped you in anyway. Thanks

The video explains it all. (PS, The video is only 6 minutes long, not 16minutes.. )

Prices you should sell the drops for:

Dagganoth kings:

Warriors ring:40m
Berserker ring:70m
Archers ring:60m
Dragon hatchet:15-20m
Ranger boots + ranger hat: 25m for set.
Berserker necklace:1-5m
Amulet of fury:30-40m
Ring of wealth: 180-200m
Dagganoth bones: 500-700k each

Kalphite queen:

Ranger boots + ranger hat: 25m for set
Saradomin sword:8-15m
Dragon chain:3-5m


Dragonfire shield:50m
Abbysal whip:10-15m
Dragon boots: 5-10m
Dark bow: 10-15m
Dragon platelegs: 5m (hard to sell)
Dragon bones:300-400k ea

Guide to kill Kalphite Queen can be found here:,6364.0.html

Guide to kill the Dagganoth Kings can be found here:,2167.0.html

Guide to Slayer can be found here:,1291.0.html

Guide for Jad melee can be found here:,6291.0.html

Guide Written By Marcar1!