Slayer Moneymaking Guide
- Start off, by talking to Mazchna, he is located at home.
- Get assigned tasks and complete them until you reach 50 slayer points.
- With 50 slayer points, you are able to buy the lit bug lantern from the slayer shop (Rat Burgiss)
- Sell this lantern to Thessalia, and you will obtain 100m!

Do these simple tasks until you've reached you're desired money ;D

Bonus i,ve managed to get 99 str ,def att, mage range, and only still just getting 98 slayer, which as you can see has its ups and downs.. it taking a long time to reach 99 slayer means you are able to make alot of money! ;D the down side is , that yeah.. it takes some time :)

But with patience and determination! its possible :)

I hope this guide helps many of you lot, with your money problems, and if you want anymore help with ANYTHING just ask :)
- Pksomething2

Guide Written By Pksomething2!