Account Security Tips
Hello everyone!

These are some tips to help you secure your account and not get it stolen by bad people.

Tip #1 :


The first tip is quite simple and that is having a password that no-one besides yourself knows! If you choose a password that everyone knows your account will be taken and all the stuff that you've earned will get taken by the person that was on your account! Also don't choose a password that you use on other sites. (Like Email , Skype , Steam etc.) You can change your password by using the command ::Changepassword in-game.

NOTE : If you put capitals in the password change you won't be able to login afterwards. If this has happend to you , you'll have to contact Boris for a password reset. (Credit to @Kuji)

Tip #2:

Account Sharing

Do NEVER EVER Account Share!!!!!! Not with family , friends , people that can get something for you etc. (For example Fight caves , Bossing etc.)
In the rules you can find that account sharing is not allowed.
Please do note that if you're caught account sharing with someone then there's a HUGE chance that the account will be terminated by staff.
If you do find someone account sharing , Please report this right here using the correct format

.Tip #3 :

Bank Pin

Be sure to set a bank pin at the Banker at ::train or Allstartraining in the magic teleport tab.

Picture of where the Banker is Located

If hackers DO get on your account and they don't know the bank PIN , then they can't access the bank and won't have alot to steal. :)For maximum effect , Change the bank PIN once in a while .NOTE : If you have forgotten your bank pin , just click the 'i don't know it.' option in the bank pin interface.

You'll get the following message :

Tip #4 :

Anti Malware
(Credit to @Vanilla )

If you're interested in protecting yourself against keyloggers , then you have to check the 2 programs listed below.

Malwarebytes Anti Malware
One of the most frequently used anti malware scanners used by millions of people around the world. This isn't an antivirus per se but rather a scanner with up to date threat definitions based on an online index.Has always been one of my staples, and I recommend it to anyone asking for help on PC security. Free to use.

Malwarebytes Anti Exploit
Malwarebytes is for preventing the websites that you visit from doing things without your consent, such as allowing Java and Flash to run without you agreeing. This is what could be the difference between having a backdoor installed on your PC or not. Also free to use.

If you're account still gets hacked and all your items are gone , Make sure to make an account recovery right Here

.Thanks for reading !

Guide Written By Julian!