The Complete Ironman Guide!
Welcome to my full Ironman guide. This guide is based off your own rules and you can change anything you want, this is just what you should do on your ironman.


Starting Off

When you start off on your ironman, you will drop all your items in your inventory. So you will have absolutely nothing. This means, you will need some items to get you started.
There are 2 paths you can take to get you started. Before you start go to mage bank and jump in the whirlpool and pray at the statue to get a free cloak.

Option 1

 First off, you can get 40 thieving of stalls, then go to ::varrock and run north and pickpocket guards for money. Then you can buy a iron pickaxe and mine/smith yourself some armour.

Option 2

First off, you wanna go to taverly dungeon, and run past the gate and keep running around the corner, until you spot the giant bats. Then, you wanna kill those giant bats until you get a rune scimitar drop. After you get a rune scimitar, you wanna follow the path in the image below until you see chaos dwarves, this is where you will get your dragon scimitar.


Getting Some Good Gear

So, once you have a weapon, you will need some better gear, the fighter torso is the preferred item for most ironmen as a chest item. So, once you have your weapon, you should go get a fighter torso from barbarian assault, along with a rune defender, and barrows gloves.  After you get that, you wanna go do the quest dragon slayer for free dragon platelegs. Also, black demons drop rune armour constantly, so they are something good to kill if you die and need some quick gear to get you through until you can get your items back.
Also, you will need 43 prayer to start really doing anything, so kill hill giants and bury the big bones until you get 43 prayer.


Training Slayer

After you finish off your gear, you wanna start training slayer. Just simply train slayer until 80, where you will go to ::train or the slayer tower and kill nechraels until you get dragon boots. At 85 slayer, you want too go to ::train or the slayer tower and kill abysal demons until you get a whip. Once you have enough points for a slayer helm, head on to rat burgesses shop and purchase a slayer helm, a slayer helm is the best helm on an ironman, so it's good to get it early on.


Training Herblore

For herblore you wanna buy vials of water at ::shops and then go to ::train and kill chaos druids and kill them to get herbs.


Getting a Amulet OF Fury

So getting a amulet of fury, you will need 11k tokkul. which you can get by killing tzhaar creatures at tzhaar city. And you will need around 66 crafting to make it, you can get up your crafting by cutting gems with a chisel that you buy from ::Skill

Commencing Barrows

For barrows, wear the best melee gear you can. And if you don't have access to prayer potions, then when ever you run low on prayer, teleport to ::home, and recharge your prayer at the altar. I recommend you wait until you have fairly decent gear and food until you start doing barrows.


Starting Godwars

For GWD, you will need barrows gear, and a abyssal whip, and a DFS that you can get in under an hour from Black Dragons. Saradomin is no doubt the easiest GWD boss. But, the one that most ironmen want to do is bandos, for the tassy and bcp. I suggest you go to ::guides and find a gwd guide. I CBA to make one lol.

Thank you for reading my Iron man guide.

Guide Written By Tanner!