Donating Guide
Donate Here

Donating not only helps the server, but it also gives yourself some sweet in game bonuses

Donating starts at $5, while it does only give you 100 donation points, it DOES give you the donator title, which is very useful in game

There are currently two donor shops located at ::shops

Sir Gawain

Sir Lancelot

The prices are relatively high to keep the economy in check, so 100 won't get you much from the stores. However the Donor Title goes a LONG way

When you're a donator you may access the donorzone. You can get there two different ways. By typing ::donorzone OR by coming here at Home

The donorzone holds many benefits compared to ::skill. These include a bank, close stall for thieving, furnace, anvil, fireplace, Yew & Magic Tree, Fence for AGI, and an alter for RC
These are some pictures of what the place look like.

There is also a skilling shop here that sells very useful items for noncombat skills

I found this shop especially useful because the leathers were noted, so you can buy 1k of them then craft them at the bank. Instead of making long tedious runs in ::skill

Then there are two different areas that are connected from this area.

This one is for Donors, its called the Donor Dungeon

The donorzone was made for donators to have easy access to bosses.
While there are banks here the most useful equipment (to me) would be the alter!
It is especially useful because it is located right next to some "prayer dependent" bosses like...

There also some dragons that people farm for bones! Most definately useful!
Three Green Dragon Spawns

One Steel Dragon

One Mithril Dragon

The other portal in the Donorzone would be the Extreme Donor Dungeon

This zone is extremely useful (pun intended). This zone is completely cleared of any obstacles or trees (for the most part). For the most easy access boss fights. Its basically GWD right there. No 5 kill count no 4 creatures attacking you. Just the boss, and 1 of its minions.





And this, is why YOU should donate!

Guide Written By Kirito!