Extreme Donorzone Map
Extreme Donorzone Map

I am always getting lost in the Extreme Donorzone, trying to find specific bosses and getting attacked by other ones. So I decided to make this map to help myself remember where they all are, and hopefully it'll help you guys too!


All locations are approximate, monsters do move around (especially the minions) but these are their general locations.

Some helpful hints:
  • Keep to the paths when travelling, to avoid being attacked by more than your desired boss.
  • Watch our for Zammy's minion attacking with Range when you run around to Armadyl.
  • Tilt your window down so you can see the monster before they see you, and get the first attack (especially with Zammy and Bandos who attack with Melee).

This area for is for Extreme Donators+ and can be entered through the gate on the left-hand side of the Donorzone (::donorzone).

Good luck!

Guide Written By Froggy!