How Not To Get Scammed
As a player, I've never been scammed on Allstarlegends, nor do I plan to ever scam anyone. Scamming isn't a major concern to me nor should it be a concern to you. As long as you follow these simple tips, you too can be scammed free.

Here are some tips on how not to get scammed:

- Record any form of gambling, this included dice dueling, staking at the duel arena, having someone host for you, whether it be a trusted player, or extreme donator. Anyone can scam, but they will most likely be caught.

- Know who you're trusting. I suggest not doing any form of transfer, or lending with a new player who is not as well known, nor trusted. No I'm not saying you need to trusted rank to do transfers, nor to have a trusted transfer for you, but it is very simple and easier to transfer with close friends trusted ranks or even staff. People trusted me because I was in extreme donator, or maybe they just trusted me. After I got the trusted rank, The transfer amount got larger.
Anyone with the following crowns next to their name can be trusted:

- Always take a screenshot. If you can't record a video at the moment make sure to take a screenshot it via print screen option when your keyboard and pasting it into a paint window, or using gyazo to crop an image. These come in handy all the time. You never know what may happen, someone may accuse you of cheating, or scamming, so be prepared.

- People should really take these precautions It makes preventing getting scammed more likely, and if it does happen then it makes it much easier for staff to punish the offender.

Programs to use:

- Gyazo screen image capture software.

- Camtasia Studio by Techsmith

Hope this helped

Guide Written By Sven!