In-game FAQ
A simple guide containing some of the most commonly asked questions in game, I hope they help.

Getting Started

How do I start Allstarlegends?
You can choose whether to play the webclient or download the client to your computer. To play the client you will need the latest version of java, download the latest version here.

How do I make an account?
Simple, after opening the client just type in your desired username and password, when using it for the first time it will save into the server files for you to use from then on.

Where can I get help in game?
There are several ways you can get help in game, there are always people around willing to help:
  • If there are people around you, just type in the public chat.
  • You can also ask for help by typing ::yell followed by what you wish to say (you can only do this every 20 seconds).
  • There are often clan chats available to help you, try the clan chat "help" or ask in ::yell if there are any other clan chats open.
  • You can also add players and private message them.
Where should I go first?
Have a look around home, you can always return there by typing ::home and it has lots of useful facilities and shops. Browse through the shops to get to grips with where you can buy what you need.

Are there any useful commands I can use?
Yes, there are lots of commands for you to use. Simply type ::commands in the game chat and you can see a list of the available ones.

How do I teleport?
If you look in your magic book tab, you can see you are able to teleport to several locations including home, bosses, monsters areas/dungeons, skilling areas, pk areas, and minigames.  You can also teleport to several areas on the map using commands, such as: ::varrock , ::lumbridge and ::ardougne . There is a full teleportation guide on forums just click here.

How can I private message someone or reply to a private message?
Currently, you have to add a player as a friend and then click on them in order to private message them or reply to a private message.


Where can I buy armour?
You buy all your starter armour from the shops at ::home (you can also use the ::shops command to get there a bit quicker). Melee armour can be bought from Horvik and Head chef, Range armour from Bow and Arrow salesman, and Magic from Magic Store owner.

Where can I buy weapons?
You can buy all your starter weapons from the shops at home (::shops). Melee armour can be bought from Giles and Head chef, Range from Bow and Arrow salesman, and Magic from Magic Store owner.

Where can I get potions and food?
Most potions and food can be bought from the General store (Shopkeeper) at home (::shops). You can get super sets from voting (::vote), making them in herblore or buying them from other players.

Where can I begin training combat?
Your best place to start training combat is in the training area, just type ::train there are a range of monsters there for you to train on, also try ::train2 and ::train3 . Slayer is also a good way to train combat.

Where do I start slayer?
To start slayer just talk to Mazchna at home (he is stood next to the prayer altar). You can change the first task you are given for an easier one if you prefer. Once you reach 99 you can choose between a hard slayer task or a boss task. You can find a slayer guide on forums by clicking here.

How do I find the monster I am assigned?
There is a locations guide on forums to help you find any monster you are assigned, just click here. You can also type ::locations in game to be directed straight there.

Where can I pk on this server?
The most popular places for pking on this server are at Mage bank and Edgeville. Check out the pk teleport option in the magic book. You can also pk for fun without risking your items and for random drops at ::funpk .

Do clue scrolls work, and what do I need for them?
Yes, clue scrolls work and all you need is a spade (bought from General store) to dig in the location of the clue. I'd also recommend getting an Amulet of Glory (4) from another player in order to get to some of the spots. All the clue spot locations can be found on the forum or by clicking here. Clue scrolls are tradeable and you can have several at a time.


Is there a skilling area on the server?
Yes there is. Just type ::skills or use the skilling area teleport. In this area you can train the majority of the skills.  You can do fishing (and cooking ) by using ::fish or the fishing teleport.  You can start hunter by typing ::hunter .

Are there any guides of skills?
There are several guides in the "Allstarlegends Guides" section of the forums. You should be able to find all the help you need there, if not then feel free to ask around in game. There is a list of all the available skilling guides here.

Where can I buy skilling materials and tools?
You can buy most of the tools and materials you need from the Fairy shopkeeper at ::skills . For fishing you can buy your equipment at the fishing shop in the fishing area (::fish). For hunter you can buy your tools in the hunter area (::hunter), remember to take money as there is no bank there to get any after you have teleported.

How do I use the Woodsman tutor?
The Woodsman tutor located at ::skills is to enable you to trade in your logs from woodcutting for points to buy items.

Where is the best place to do firemaking?
The most common places for people to train firemaking are ::fish between the 2 banks, and ::varrock between the fountain and west bank.

Where can I train prayer?
The best place to train prayer is to use your bones on the altar at ::funpk as it is next to the bank. You can also use them on the altar at ::home.

How do I start construction and/or summoning?
Allstarlegends doesn't currently have construction or summoning functioning on the server.

Where can I buy skill capes?
You can buy all your skill capes from the Wise Old Man at ::home , he is located just below the bank where you spawn. They are currently just under 110k each, the quest cape is 1m gp.

Can I reset skills?
Yes you can go to Brother Jered at ::home to reset any skills you choose (except for hitpoints). It costs 1m per skill to reset them, or 7m for all skills.

Can I lock skills?
Yes, just talk the Lumbridge Guide at ::home to lock your xp gain. You can only choose to lock all skills, or unlock all skills.


What is the best way to make money using combat?
The best way to make money through combat is with slayer. You can start slayer by talking the Mazchna at home, and collect points from your tasks. With points you can buy items from the slayer shop (Rat Burgiss at ::home). The best way to make money is to buy a Lit bug lantern for 50 points, and then sell it to Thessalia for 50m.

What is the best way to make money as a skiller?
The quickest way to make money as a skiller is by thieving. Steal the items from the stall and then sell them to Sigmund at the end of the stalls. You can also make money from crafting by selling amulets to the general store, fletching by selling bows to the general store, herblore by selling super sets to players and mining selling ore/bars to players (mainly rune).

Are there any other ways to make money?
Yes, there are several ways to make money:
  • Get a quick free 20m by voting, just type ::vote and then ::claim when you're done. Also, collecting the points will allow you to buy items from the shop.
  • Collect loots from monsters and sell them to shops or other players, you can see if they're worth anything on the price guide by clicking here. To see which monsters drop the best items, take a look at the drop list here.
  • Dicing is a way to double your money from anyone with an Extreme Donator+ title. But remember, it is also a way of losing money, so think carefully.
  • Donating to keep the server running will give you donor points to use in the donor shop and get some rare items.
How do I donate to the server?
To donate via Paypal simply type ::donate and follow the instructions, after donating type ::claimdonate to get your points and status. To pay with paysafe, or with runescape gp (eoc and 07), contact Boris.

What are my benefits for donating?
Donating under $50 will get you a Regular Donator rank. This rank will get you:
  • Points to spend in the donor store.
  • A donator title in game and on forums.
  • Access to the donor zone and donor dungeon, an exclusive area for easier training and skilling.
  • Increased voting rewards (10 vote points instead of 5 per vote).
  • The capability of yelling without having to wait 20 seconds between each one.
Donating $50 or above will get you the Extreme Donator rank. This rank will get you all of the privileges of a regular donator, as well as the following:
  • The ability to host dice for other players to gamble against you.
  • Access to the Extreme donor dungeon, an exclusive area with godwars bosses (with only one minion).
Technical Issues

The downloadable client won't work? (windows)
Usually the problem lies with the SDK you downloaded, uninstall the SDK you downloaded and click here to reinstall it.

What does it mean by "My account is already logged in"?
It usually means that you disconnected suddenly and the server hasn't had chance to register it yet. Just wait a minute or 2 and try again, you should be able to log back in.

What does it mean by "Error connecting to server"?
This is most likely a problem on your side of the connection. Check your internet connection, reload the client and try again. If the problem persists try checking the forum shoutbox to see if others have the same issue.

What does it mean by "No response from server"?
This could be a problem on your end or the server's end. Try reloading your client and trying again. If the problem continues check the shoutbox on the forum to see if other players are having the same issue. The server may have temporarily disconnected or may be updating, either way it shouldn't be long before you are able to play again.
I am trying to register an account in-game but it says "Invalid username or password", what does this mean?
This probably means that someone already owns the name you are trying to use, even if it was available on the forums. Try a different username and it should work if available.

I have forgotten my password, what should I do?
Contact Boris through forums and he should be able to help you get back on the game again.

I think I am typing the correct login information, but it is telling me it's wrong, what should I do?
Make sure you have typed it correctly and that it is the password you used. If the problem continues contact Boris through forums and he should be able to sort out the problem for you.


Are there mini-games on this server?
Yes, click on the minigames teleport in the magic book and you will see the list of minigames available.

Are there quests on this server?
Yes, click on the quest tab and scroll down to see the available quests. To start them just click on the quest and it'll teleport you there. There is a guide on every quest on the forums, click here to find them all.

How do I vote for the server, and what do I get for it?
To vote for the server and receive rewards simply type ::vote in the chat  box and it'll open your browser. Vote on all the links, choose your prize and then type ::claim in game (remember to have empty slots in your inventory). You get 5 points per vote (10 as a donator), and you can also choose from several rewards including 20m cash, 50 super sets and 200 prayer potions. You can vote once every 12 hours.

Is there a way to see which staff members are online without adding them?
Yes, you can see what players are on at any time by type ::players . Their rank will also show so you can tell which staff members are online.

Is there an area to just hang out with the community?
Yes, there is an area designated for hanging out, just type ::chill. This place is also the designated dicing area. Many people also hang out at home.

Can I access forums straight from the game?
Yes, just type ::forums to be directed straight to the forum index. You can also use ::locations for the location guide, ::prices for the price guides, ::droprates for the drop rate guide and ::guides for a list with all the useful guides.

Any more questions to add? Just let me know and I'll add them in.

Guide Written By Froggy!