A general guide for starters!
Starters guide!
This guide was made during normal exp.
Results will vary during Double exp.

Start by running east/northeast to "Giles" From him buy a "Rune Scimitar," a "Dragon Scimitar" and a "Adamant Defender."

Now next to "Giles" is "Horvik" from him you will want to buy a "Rune Platebody," "Rune Platelegs" and a "Helm of Nietiznot."

Now 4 steps East is "Head Chef" from him you want to buy "Rune Boots," "Ring of Recoil," "Amulet of Strength" and your choice of "Saradomin/Guthix/Zamorak cape"

After you've bought these things you're ready to get started!

Equip your Iron Helmet, Body, Legs, Kiteshield, Scimitar, Amulet of Strength, Ring of Recoil and your choice of the 3 capes.

Now run West to the Bank Booth's where you started playing and bank your "(178,899) Coins," "Staff of Air," "(500) Mind, Air, Water, Fire and Chaos Runes," "(1,000) Swordfish," "Leather Body," "Leather Chaps," "(20) Prayer Potion(4)'s," "(300) Bronze Arrow's" and "Shortbow"

Now proceed to the rockcrabs training area via typing "::train2" and pressing enter in your chat.

Once you've teleported switch your attack type (Menu with crossed swords as the icon) and select "Lunge."

(Your combat level will be different)

Now attack some rockcrabs! Remember to pick up all the drops so you can sell them. after killing 2 you will be able to equip your "Adamant Defender."

Proceed to killing 4 and you will be able to equip your "Rune Platebody," "Rune Platelegs," "Rune Boots" and "Rune Scimitar." Makes sure your "Rune Scimitar" is using the "Lunge" attack style.

proceed to killing 15 and you will be able to equip your "Helm of Nietiznot."

By your 15th kill your inventory will be either full or nearly full. Procced to type "::home: and press enter. once at home run north to this altar.

Now Right click 1 of your bones and click "Use" then click on the "Altar" that's shown in the picture. Repeat this until all of your bones are gone.

After your bones are gone click on the "Altar" 1 more time without selecting anything and your new "Prayer points" will be renewed.

now proceed back to the rockcrabs training area via typing "::train2" and pressing enter.

Continue killing rockcrabs till you've killed another 12 then proceed to equip your "Dragon Scimitar."

Now Proceed to click on the teleport I have Highlighted yellow called "Minigames" in the "Spellbook" (Menu with this book symbol.)

Then press the "next" button. now click on "Barbarian Assault."

Once you've teleported to Barbarian Assault, go to the Bank Booth a few steps north of you. bank everything in your inventory. It should look something like this.

Now proceed to kill 20 "Khazard Guard's" shown here.

Once you've killed 20 you will see this in your chatbox.

Now trade the "Adventurer" here. in his shop buy the "Rune Defender" and equip it.

Now Kill 40 more "Khazard Guard's."

Once you've killed 40 more trade the "Adventurer" again. buy the "Gloves" and equip it.

Now there are 2 paths you can take, You can kill 75 more and buy the "Fighter Torso"

and equip it then can go back to ::train2 and continue killing rockcrabs until you have level 70 attack, strength and defence in the "Skills" menu shown here.

Or you can follow the same training at ::train2 without the "Fighter Torso" it depends on which you want to do.

Now that you've hit level 85 you are officially done being a "starter" :D congratulations!

Now go forth and become a Hero, nay a Legend.
A Legend among Allstarlegends!

Guide Written By Angel!