Rogue Gear Guide
Special thanks to Condys for his help :D

ATTENTION: For the following guide, you will need:

79 Thieving
About 3-5 minutes of time to waste

If  you don't have any of these, please come back when you do. <3

Now, the following gear should look something like this.

If this gear is not what you want, please click away.

But if you would like to acquire this gear, here is how you can get it!

The following images are a very accurate representation of how this process should go. To make sure that no cool players were harmed in the making of this guide, we have used our very own bunny.

Let's get started!

She seems quite excited about this one.

Don't forget to stop by and say hello to the friendly dwarf!

She's realized that this is quite a long path, but not to worry, she will make it just fine!

She's found a trapdoor! Marvelous!

Notice that she runs straight for the devilishly handsome Thieving Master! She has interacted with him and shall receive her new Rogue's gear after her journey.

The process was a great success! Now I will show you the exact path that our fellow bunny has taken.

Congratulations! You now have your very own set of Rogue's gear.

Guide Written By BunniesSkillMachine!