Warrior's Guild
Warrior's Guild

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Getting started/Preparations
Playing the game & info

Getting started/Preparations

-You need a fair Combat level
-Potions to enhance your combat skills (Recommended )
-Armor Sets

So first you have to teleport to Warrior's Guild, go to your Spell tab and click the Catherby/Minigame Teleport and on the second page

Warrior's Guild Map Guideline

and talk to Horvic located at the green mark
You have to buy armour sets (Platebody, platelegs and the full helm)

Rune set

Mithril set

Black armour set

Steel set

Iron set

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Playing the game & info

Warrior's Guild Map Guideline

You need a fair combat level because you are going to face animated armors
So first you have to use one of the armor in from your armor set (Take note, that you must have the platebody, full helm and platelegs)
and head to the red mark

Iron Armour Set - Animated Iron Armour (Level 23)
Token Drop - 20

Steel Armour Set - Animated Steel Armour  (Level 46)
Token Drop - 30

Black Armour Set - Animated Black Armour (Level 69)
Token Drop - 40

Mithril Armour Set - Animated Mithril Armour (Level 92)
Token Drop - 50

Rune Armour Set - Animated Rune Armour (Level 138)
Token Drop - 70

(Adamant Armour won't work)

Wait, what do I do with the tokens?
Tokens can be exchanged for rewards. head to the red mark to exchange your tokens
and talk to Sir Tinley

Gilded Armor cost 3000 tokens each piece
Fighting Boots cost 2000 tokens
Staff of Lighjt cost 8500 Tokens

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Guide Written By Aether!