Anti-Scam Guide
So, lately I've seen a few users being scammed. Now, this is going to be a quick guide going through a few popular scams on here and ways to prevent them - do NOT attempt these scams. Even attempting to scam a user can, and will, lead the staff team to terminate your account (account ban).

1. Items with Similar Sprites

There are a lot of items in the game that have similar sprites, but greatly vary in cash. Even if they are the same prices, they'll be items that you do not want and therefore having you to spend MORE money on getting the correct item. Some items that can be mistaken:

  • Prayer Potion/Attack Potion
  • Dragon Bones/Big Bones
  • Yew Logs/Normal Logs
  • Verac's Plateskirt/Black Plateskirt
  • Granite Maul/Rock Hammer
  • Saradomin Sword/White 2h sword (not sure if White 2H is actually in the game)
  • Elysian Spirit Shield/Spectral Spirit Shield
  • Dragon Med Helm/Uncut Ruby
  • Obsidian Cape/Black Cape

A lot of these items are mistaken either noted or un-noted. So, BEFORE accepting the trade completely review what you are buying.

2. Assistance in Smithing/Crafting/Fletching

This is a huge trust thing, and for the sake of everything I would say to screenshot everything and/or video it for any visual proof in a later report. A lot of players on here gain an items such as an "Uncut Onyx", "Draconic Visage", or even "Dragonstones". If you find someone to be trusting enough to do it for you (especially anyone ranked Trusted+) then do so. However, this does not excuse you from trying to gain visual proof. In the past we've had "said-Trusted" members scamming users.

Please, be well aware of this, and do all you can to keep your items safe.

3. Duel Arena

  • A lot of users lately have been getting scammed in the Duel Arena. Alternatively being cheated out of their items/money. Typically you'd be advertising to host a Whip or Whip/DDS stake at the Duel Arena. However, very few times will your opponent have that same intention. While you're using an Abyssal Whip they might have an alternate item that hits a lot more frequently and more powerfully (i.e. Statius Warhammer, Vesta's longsword, etc.) - sometimes when it's even just a Whip stake users will still try to use the Dragon Dagger. They'll even sometimes remove the cancellation of the "Off-hand" slot to use a two-handed weapon like an AGS.

A few ways to work about this is simply check over all the settings, and be sure they are correctly done put. If not, change them before accepting the match - also make sure they put up their stake correctly as well. Also, before the match you can ask any users that are ranked Trusted or higher to check their inventory for any potential alternate weapons to overpower your Abyssal Whip - especially since the Duel Arena challenge frame doesn't show inventory space (otherwise you could have just told them to show inventory).

  • As stated in the previous bulletin point; users will try to alternate the match settings last minute while you rush to set them. They could go from allowing food, allowing drinks (potions), shields/2h weapons, and far more. That's why when you're in a match within the Duel Arena it is a far better option to simply record the match rather than taking screenshots as screenshooting a user eating/drinking is a lot more challenging. So, you can ask a Trusted+ to check the inventory, or simply record the whole match - which is by far the better option when reporting a user than screenshots.

    This concludes the popular scams of current Allstarlegends. PLEASE obey all rules provided in ::rules, and report any scammers that are in the game with fluent evidence. Any users caught scamming, or even attempting to scam will be terminated from the game. I hope this guide helped out a bit, thank you!

Guide Written By Eriax!