Bandos Guide (extremely detailed)
So i guess i'll start with the minions. From what i noticed there's 2 grimspikes and 1 steelwill on this server (normally there's 1 grimspike, 1 steelwill, and 1 strongstack on the original rs3 or osrs)

Now if we look on the rs wiki it says that:
grimspike uses range
steelwill uses magic
and strongstack uses melee

on this server grimspike actually uses magic and steelwill uses range or melee.

and the best part about this is that you can lure steelwill away making it so that the only 2 minions attacking you use magic.


The two red squares show grimspike but remember he uses magic.
The blue square on the minimap shows steelwill who currently isn't attacking me and is lured out of the way.

From what i noticed the best way to lure steelwill is to attack him and walk him up north

the red dot shows his normal spawn and the green dot shows where you should lure him to and also once you lure him to the north teleport out and he's there until somebody screws it up or you walk near him.

Now that everything is lured and ready to go here's the setup i found good to use.

Knowing that the 2 minions attacking you use magic it's in your best interest to get the best mage gear.
The void robe bottoms give +2 more magic def so it's better to use those over chaps since i'm 65 def.
If you have karils or any other better mage defence armour use it
I can't stress this enough but a defender is much better to use over the dfs because of offensive bonuses that you get from the defender being slash bonuses which speed up kills


before you go in drink the brew then the super restore then your combat pots
you can bring a super defence pot but the brew already acts as one to be honest.

Honestly killing bandos is rather easy just pray melee and use piety. If you don't have piety use the following prayers:

Also when bandos dies immediately switch to pray mage so you save food for the next kill since the only thing attacking you is the minions which only use magic and they will hit 0's. It's also a good idea to not even waste your time on killing the minions since bandos respawns rather quickly (i use my sgs spec on the minions when i need some prayer or hp)

After about a day of testing vengeance on bandos it's really only useful when prayflicking the boss.
I'll add a prayflicking section to this guide if people care to see it but i thought i'd just put up the basics to my method.

Guide Written By obbypuremax!