Best Thieving EXP

Hey there, have you been looking for better EXP in Thieving? Well, I have the answer for you! However, as many pros there is a con; this method grants a very low profit as opposed to Topaz Gem stall. Though, if you just want to get that Level 99 or 200M EXP quick, this is the method for you.

NOTE: This method requires 96 Thieving

Let's get started!

Getting There

Getting to the spot is going to require a banana for the teleport, a Amulet of Glory (4) may be required if you do not have a banana from Karamaja. Once you have obtained your banana you will go to your Normal/Modern Spellbook, and click the Ape Atoll teleport circled in red below:

Once you have teleported you will follow this map:

General Information

The few bullet points being provided will show some facts and additional information to know about this stall:

  • Level 3 can Thief here without worries of getting attacked. Aside from the spot you get teleported to, Ape Atoll is safe.

  • The item received upon stealing from the stall gives Dragon necklace. Each costing 9K GP.

  • Each steal grants 28,028 EXP and 56,056 EXP on DXP

  • From level 96 to 99 Thieving on this stall requires a minimum of 346 steals and 173 steals on DXP

  • To gain 200M EXP from level 99 (13,034,341 EXP) is takes 6,671 steals and 3,335 steals on DXP

Guide Written By Eriax!