[Client] Lagg Support
If anyone has been experiencing lagg I have a few ways to help a few of you even though it may not help much its better to try.

Here are a few things you can try:
1. Closing processes not needed to be open, which can cause lagg.
open task manager and close applications not needing to be ran this can cause memory and cpu usage up to 100% which can cause lagg

2. Downloading the Client and making a Batch file to run the client.
Download Link: http://allstarlegends.eu/download/Allstarlegends.jar

now open up a text document and insert this code I will explain pretty much what it does....
@echo off
TITLE Run - Client
java -Xmx300m -jar Allstarlegends.jar
java : is the locator for your JDK or JRE
-Xmx300m : this is what allows your client to load faster depending on what you change the numeric value for. Keep this as is as it works better than just running the jar file itself in my opinion.
-jar : lets the batch file know what to open or run
Allstarlegends.jar is the file the batch will run

now save the text file as "run.bat" as in all files not a text file.

Guide Written By SMG!