Clue scroll spots.
We lie here to protect the castle.
White Knights castle in Falador.
Teleport ::falador

Bobs favorite training spot.
The Cows in Lumbridge.
Teleport to ::Lumbridge and run North-West.

In the lair where the monster sleeps.
The King Black Dragon(KBD.)
Use the bosses teleport and click on King Black Dragon (Wilderness). Go down the stairs, and pull the lever.

We pay to Pk.
Falador Square.
Teleport to ::Falador.

I love cake... Want to steal some?
Outside of the Edgevile Bank.
Use the Pk teleport and click on Edgevile (1v1).

Sewers in Varrock.
Teleport ::varrock Run North-East and go down the Manhole.

Good place to thieve from farmers.
Draynor Village.
Teleport the Lumbridge and run west.

In the museum.
The Varrock museum.
PK Teleports -> Varrock -> Run South -> Find the Curator NPC

So many bananas!
Rub OR Operate the Amulet of Glory(4).

At the "square."
Varrock Centre.
Teleport ::varrock

Lava Fishing.
The Taverly Dungeon in the area of the Chaos Dwarfs.
Click the Monster Teleport in the mage tab and select Taverley dungeon. Once you teleport to Taverley dungeon go through the obstacle pipe and run south to the chaos dwarfs.

Small town with rocks and torches.
Barbarian Village.
Click on the quest While Guthix Sleeps and choose to start the quest.

Just west of the fountain, at the origin.
Next to the West fountain in Lumbridge.
Teleport to ::Lumbridge

Ew, a scorpion.
Falador mines
Teleport to ::Falador, run to mines.

Guide Written By Boris!