Complete Alchemy List
Complete Alchemy List

Well, I'm starting something new, something to entertain me for a nice while until I complete it. This list will consist of EVERY item in the game (minus super rares, as of right now; who knows, I might alch one if I ever get one again).

If you have any items that I haven't included, please let me know ingame whenever I am online(I usually always am), either on Skillz T, or Project Soar. All donations will be credited and appreciated very much!

If you are having trouble finding an item, use (Ctrl+F) and enter the item's name!

This list will be updated whenever I get new items to alch!


3rd age vambraces:
3rd age mage hat:
3rd age amulet:
3rd age robe:
3rd age full helmet:
3rd age platelegs:
3rd age platebody:
3rd age kiteshield: 30,000,000gp
3rd age range coif:
3rd age range legs:
3rd age range top:
3rd age robe top:


Abyssal whip: 825,000gp
Adam full helm (g): 2,640gp
Adam full helm (t): 2,640gp
Adam platebody (g): 9,600gp
Adam platebody (t): 9,600gp
Adam platelegs (g): 4,800gp
Adam platelegs (t): 4,800gp
Adam kiteshield (g): 4,080gp
Adam kiteshield (t): 4,080gp
Adam scimitar: 1,920gp
Adam 2h sword: 4,800gp
Adam dagger: 600gp
Adam claws: 900gp
Adam arrow: 60gp
Adam defender: 1gp
Ahrim's hood:
Ahrim's robeskirt:
Ahrim's robetop:
Ahrim's staff:
Amulet of fury:
Amulet of glory (t):
Amulet of strength (t):
Amulet of magic: 750gp
Antifire potion(4): 247gp
Antifire potion(3): 198gp
Antifire potion(2): 148gp
Antifire potion(1): 99gp
Ancient staff: 75,000gp
Arcane spirit shield:
Archers ring:
Armadyl chestplate:
Armadyl godsword: 3,000,000gp
Armadyl helm:
Armadyl hilt:
Armadyl plateskirt:
Ava's accumulator:


Bandos boots: 45,000gp
Bandos chestplate:
Bandos godsword:
Bandos hilt:
Bandos tassets: 1,000,000gp
Barrelchest anchor:
Barrows gloves: 5,625gp
Berserker necklace:
Berserker ring:
Black full helm: 792gp
Black platebody: 2,880gp
Black platelegs: 1,440gp
Black kiteshield: 1,224gp
Black scimitar: 576gp
Black 2h sword: 1,440gp
Black claws: 270gp
Black defender: 1gp
Black beret:
Black boater:
Black cavalier:
Black headband: 30gp
Black full helm (g):
Black full helm (t): 792gp
Black kiteshield (g):
Black kiteshield (t): 1,224gp
Black platebody (g):
Black platebody (t): 2,880gp
Black platelegs (g):
Black platelegs (t): 1,440gp
Blue beret: 60gp
Blue boater:
Blue d'hide (g):
Blue d'hide (t):
Blue h'ween mask:
Blue partyhat:
Blue skirt (g):
Blue skirt (t):
Bob shirt: 2gp
Bolt rack:
Brown headband: 30gp
Builder's boots:
Builder's shirt:
Builder's trousers:
Bunny ears:


Comp ogre bow:
Crystal bow:
Crystal shield: 45,000gp
Clean toadflax: 36gp
Cooking gauntlets: 15gp


Dagannoth bones: 1gp
Dark bow:
Dark cavalier:
Dharok's greataxe:
Dharok's helm:
Dharok's platebody: 3,750,000gp
Dharok's platelegs: 3,375,000gp
Diamond bolts (e):
Diamond: 1,500gp
Desert boots: 15gp
Divine spirit shield: 37,000,000gp
Dragon 2h sword:
Dragon arrow:
Dragon axe:
Dragon bolts (e):
Dragon bones:
Dragon boots:
Dragon chainbody: 97,500gp
Dragon full helm:
Dragon platelegs: 600,000gp
Dragon skirt:
Dragon sq shield:
Dragonfire shield: 7,500,000gp
Dragonic visage:
Dragonstone: 7,500gp
Dragon scimitar: 75,000gp
Dragon dagger(p++): 18,000gp
Dragon longsword: 75,000gp
Dragon mace: 37,500gp
Dragon halberd: 187,000gp
Dragon battleaxe: 150,000gp


Elemental shied:
Elysian spirit shield: 33,000,000gp
Enchanted hat:
Enchanted robe:
Enchanted top:


Fighter hat: 3,750gp
Fighter torso:
Fighting boots:
Flared trousers:
Fremennik blade:
Fremennik helm:
Fremennik shield:


Gilded full helm:
Gilded kiteshield:
Gilded platebody:
Gilded platelegs: 48,000gp
Gilded plateskirt:
Godsword blade:
Godsword shards:
Granite maul: 37,500gp
Grimy toadflax: 1gp
Grimy torstol: 750gp
Green boater:
Green d'hide (g):
Green d'hide (t):
Green ele' Shirt: 750,000gp
Green ele' legs: 750,000gp
Green h'ween mask: 11gp
Ghostly robe(shirt): 225gp
Ghostly robe(skirt): 225gp
Ghostly boots: 225gp
Ghostly gloves: 225gp
Green partyhat:
Guthan's chainskirt:
Guthan's helm:
Guthan's platebody:
Guthan's warspear:
Guthix bracers:
Guthix chaps: 4,500gp
Guthix cloak:
Guthix coif:
Guthix crozier:
Guthix dragonhide body: 9,750gp
Guthix mitre:
Guthix full helm: 26,400gp
Guthix platebody: 48,750gp
Guthix platelegs: 48,000gp
Guthix kiteshield: 40,800gp
Guthix robe legs:
Guthix robe top:
Guthix stole: 1,875gp


Healer hat:
Highwayman mask:


Infinity boots:
Infinity bottoms:
Infinity gloves:
Infinity hat:
Infinity top:
Iron full helm: 115gp
Iron platebody: 420gp
Iron platelegs: 210gp
Iron kiteshield: 178gp
Iron scimitar: 84gp
Iron 2h sword: 210gp
Iron dagger: 26gp
Iron claws: 37gp
Iron defender: 1gp


Jack lantern mask:


Karil's coif:
Karil's crossbow:
Karil's leatherskirt:
Karil's leathertop:


Lamp (xp):
Lit bug lantern:
Lumberjack boots:
Lumberjack hat:
Lumberjack legs:
Lumberjack top:
Lunar amulet:
Lunar body:
Lunar boots:
Lunar cape:
Lunar helm:
Lunar gloves:
Lunar legs:
Lunar ring:
Lunar staff:


Mage's book:
Magic logs:
Manta ray (cooked):
Manta ray (raw): 375gp
Master wand:
Meat tenderiser: 375,000gp
Mind shield:
Morrigan's leather chaps:
Morrigan's coif:
Morrigan's leather body: 37,000,000gp
Mud battlestaff: 12,750gp
Mystery box:
Mithril full helm: 1,072gp
Mithril platebody: 3,900gp
Mithril platelegs: 1,950gp
Mithril kiteshield: 1,657gp
Mithril scimitar: 780gp
Mithril 2h sword: 1,950gp
Mithril dagger: 243gp
Mithril claws: 356gp
Mithril defender: 1gp


Nature rune: 135gp


Obsidian cape:
Orange boater:


Penance gloves:
Penance skirt:
Pirate's hat (black):
Pirate's hat (colored): 1gp
Powdered wig:
Purple partyhat:


Quest point cape: 1gp
Quest point hood: 1gp


Ranger boots: 1,875,000gp
Red boater:
Red h'ween mask:
Red headband:
Red partyhat:
Red chincompa: 120gp
Reindeer hat:
Ring of wealth:
Robin hood hat: 1,500,000gp
Rock-shell legs:
Rock-shell plate:
Rubber chicken:
Ruby: 750gp
Rune bar: 3,750gp
Rune boots: 9,375gp
Rune defender:
Rune hasta:
Rune scimitar: 19,200gp
Rune 2h sword: 48,000gp
Rune dagger: 6,000gp
Rune full helm: 26,400gp
Rune platebody: 48,750gp
Rune platelegs: 48,000gp
Rune kiteshield: 40,800gp
Rune square shield: 28,800gp
Rune helm (h5):
Rune full helm (g): 26,400gp
Rune full helm (t): 26,400
Rune platebody (g): 48,750gp
Rune platebody (t): 48,750gp
Rune platelegs (g): 48,000gp
Rune platelegs (t): 48,000gp
Rune kiteshield (g): 40,800gp
Rune kiteshield (skull):
Rune kiteshield (t): 40,800gp
Rune shield (h5):
Runite ore: 3,000gp
Runner boots:
Runner hat:


Santa hat:
Saradomin body:
Saradomin bracers:
Saradomin brew(4): 150gp
Saradomin brew(3): 131gp
Saradomin brew(2): 112gp
Saradomin brew(1): 93gp
Saradomin chaps:
Saradomin cloak:
Saradomin coif:
Saradomin crozier:
Saradomin godsword:
Saradomin hilt:
Saradomin mitre:
Saradomin full helm: 26,400gp
Saradomin platebody: 48,750gp
Saradomin platelegs: 48,000gp
Saradomin kiteshield: 40,800gp
Saradomin robe legs:
Saradomin robe top:
Saradomin stole:
Saradomin sword:
Seers ring:
Sea turtle(cooked): 375gp
Sea turtle(raw): 375gp
Skeletal boots:
Skeletal bottoms:
Skeletal gloves:
Skeletal helm:
Skeletal top:
Skeleton boots:
Skeleton gloves:
Skeleton leggings:
Skeleton mask:
Skeleton shirt:
Slayer helm:
Sleeping cap:
Spectral spirit shield:
Spined body:
Spined chaps:
Spined helm:
Spirit shield:
Splitbark body:
Splitbark boots:
Splitbark gauntlets:
Splitbark helm:
Splitbark legs:
Staff of light:
Statius's helmet: 49,000,000gp
Statius's platebody:
Statius's platelegs:
Statius's warhammer:
Steel arrow: 9gp
Steel full helm: 412gp
Steel platebody: 1,500gp
Steel platelegs: 750gp
Steel kiteshield: 637gp
Steel scimitar: 300gp
Steel 2h sword: 750gp
Steel dagger: 93gp
Steel defender: 1gp
Studded body (g):
Super antipoison(4):
Super attack(4):
Super defense(4):
Super restore(4): 225gp
Super restore(3): 180gp
Super restore(2): 135gp
Super restore(1): 90gp
Super strength(4):


Tan cavalier:
Teacher wand:
Team capes:
Tzhaar-ket-om: 37,500gp
Torag's helm:
Torag's platebody: 1,875,000gp
Torag's platelegs:
Torags hammers:
Tri-jester hat: 1gp
Tyras' helm:
Toadflax seed: 7,500gp
Torstol seed: 7,500gp


Uncut onyx:


Verac's brassard:
Verac's flail:
Verac's helm:
Verac's plateskirt:
Vesta's chainbody: 67,000,000gp
Vesta's longsword:
Vesta's platelegs: 60,000,000gp
Vial: 1gp
Vial of water: 1gp
Void knight gloves:
Void knight robe:
Void knight top:
Void mage helm:
Void melee helm:
Void range helm:


Warrior ring:
White beret:
White partyhat:
Wizard boots:
Wizard hat (g):
Wizard hat (t):
Wizard robe top (g):
Wizard robe top (t):
Wizard robe bottom (g):
Wizard robe bottom (t):



Yellow partyhat:


Zamorak body:
Zamorak bracers:
Zamorak brew(4):
Zamorak chaps:
Zamorak cloak:
Zamorak coif:
Zamorak crozier:
Zamorak godsword:
Zamorak hilt:
Zamorak mitre:
Zamorak cape: 75gp
Zamorak full helm: 26,400gp
Zamorak platebody: 48,750gp
Zamorak platelegs: 48,000gp
Zamorak kiteshield: 40,800gp
Zamorak robe legs:
Zamorak robe top:
Zamorak stole:
Zamorakian spear:
Zuriel's hood:
Zuriel's robe bottom:
Zuriel's robe top:
Zuriel's staff:

Super Rares

Dragon Platebody: 637,000gp


Guide Written By Skillz T!