melee Jad/fire cape tutorial(video)

I decided to update my jad guide. This time i kill him with ONLY whip, dragonfire shield and a bronze med helm. This shows that no matter what gear you have you can still defeat him.  Ok so jad have 3 attacks. Magic, ranged and melee.
In the beginning of the video i show what these attacks look like. In the end of the video i describe why i flick over all 3 of the protect prayers. This is because sometimes jad hits before you even can see his animation to attack. and by doing it this way you increase your chance of survival from these attacks immensly. (PS THE VIDEO IS ONLY 4 MINUTES)

Hello guys and girls, i decided to make a tutorial on how to beat jad with a cheap melee setup. i hope this is any help for others like me out there who thinks jad can be hard melee


My gear:

Guide Written By Marcar1!