Soloing all 3 Dagannoths
Hello and welcome to my first guide ever. I decided it's time to give back and share some knowledge that I've gained since I started on this lovely server a year ago.
This is a guide on how to solo the 3 Dagannoths, which can be a pain if you haven't done it a lot or want to know a few tips and tricks on how to.

NOTICE: This guide is for the people who already have, or can buy the items shown in this guide. I find it very difficult to solo all 3 of the Dagannoth's without the 'required' items.
- I am aware that there are already several guides on how to solo Dagannoths. Though there is not an in-depth guide on how to solo all 3 of them, which is what I will be focusing on.

This is what your inventory should look like BEFORE teleporting to Dagannoth King:

After drinking the potions your inventory should look like this, and you are set to go:

Items needed:

Void set (including Melee, Mage and Range helm)
Meat Tenderiser
Comp Ogre Bow
Barrage runes (Water, Death and Blood Runes)
Fury (Glory is optional)
Rune Arrows
Ranger Boots
Ava's Accumulator
Master Wand (optional item: Staff of Light and Ancient Staff)
Arcane Spirit Shield
3x Super Restores
1x Super Antipoison (optional item: regular antipoison)

My personal preference is to use void, as I find it the easiest and most convenient way to solo all 3 of the Dagannoths. This is what I'm wearing:

The reason I'm wearing Ranger Boots and Ava's Accumulator is because I find Prime the hardest boss to solo, and therefore I'm wearing the extra range bonus.

Before you go down the ladder to the 3 Dagannoths you should protect against Range and keep it protected as long as you're killing Supreme and Rex. The reason is that Supreme (Ranger) is the one closest to the ladder once you go down, and therefore he will be the first one to attack you. Once you've climbed down the ladder you should run south against the edge of the wall (shown in the video). By doing that you will not lure Prime (he is the most dangerous out of the 3 Dags' and he can hit 60's if you get too close to him).

The first Dagannoth you should kill is Rex. He should be fairly easy to kill with Barrage, as long as you're not close to him. After killing Rex you move on to Supreme. He should also be quite easy if you have a Meat Tenderiser. If not, then it might take some time. After killing Supreme you have to quickly switch your prayer to 'Protect against Magic' and run straight north and begin the slaughter on Prime. After killing Prime switch your prayer back to 'Protect from range' and redo the procedure by starting with Rex, Supreme and then Prime.

Here's a picture of the kill order and which combat style is used against each Dagannoth:

Here's a video of me showing you how I solo all 3 of the Dagannoths:

* Sorry for the FPS showing at the top left corner 

Since it's my first guide you are more than welcome to leave any feedback. Constructive critism is always appreciated so please, don't hold back.


Guide Written By CatchYao!