Fire-cape guide
Hey what's up, Rens here!
I've heard that a lot of people were struggeling with getting a fire-cape, so I thought: Why not make a guide on it!
Let's jump right to it.

So there are three ways to do the caves, you either use Melee, Ranged or Magic. I personally prefer Melee, just because it's quicker, but it's also the hardest.

So here are the set-ups.


The barrows set-up is a lot better because it has better defence bonus. But the rune set-up is cheaper and easier to obtain.


Again, the barrows set-up is a lot better, it has better bonuses in every way, but it's also a lot more expensive. The black d'hide set-up is cheaper though. You can either use diamond bolts or dragon bolts.


The barrows set-up is so much better, for defence and for magic bonus. But the mystic set-up is cheaper and easier to obtain. For magic you have to switch over to ''Ancient magicks'' you can do this by going to ::home and pray at this altar:
You're now on Ancient Magicks, you now need to buy runes. Buy; Death, Water, Blood and Soul runes. The Soul runes are needed for ''Blood Barrage'' which heals some hitpoints if you use this spell.

Inventory set-up:




(Your inventory can be different than mine, it's what you prefer)

The monsters:
There are only 4 monsters in the caves (5 if you count jad) here are the monsters + their attack styles.

Tz-Kek, a level 45, attacks with Melee.

Tok-Xil, a level 90, attacks with ranged.

Yt-MejKot, a level 180, attacks with Melee.

Ket-Zek, a level 360, attacks with Melee. (Attacks with magic in real the RuneScape)

I'll go deeper into jad later on in the guide.

The waves + what to pray.

Wave 1, pray Melee.

A level 45, it won't hit much. But it attacks with melee.

Wave 2, pray ranged.

A level 90 and 45, pray ranged here, because the level 90 will hit higher than the level 45 who uses melee.

Wave 3, pray melee.

A level 180 and 90, the level 180 can hit more, so pray melee. But make sure you kill the level 90 first, because he attacks with ranged.

Wave 4, pray Melee.

A level 360 and 180, they both attack with melee, so just pray melee.

Wave 5, pray melee.

A level 360, 180 and 90. Pray melee because the 360 and 180 hit more than the level 90 ranger. But make sure to kill the level 90 first, otherwise you take damage which isn't needed.

Now brew up to 113 hitpoints with a saradomin brew and let the fight begin!

Alright, pray Ranged at first because this is Jad's most common attack style, if you do get hit by another attack style the first hit: DON'T PANIC! , you'll be fine because it can't hit a 113. Just brew up to 113 again and start prayer switching.
Jad has 3 attack styles; Ranged, Magic and Melee.
Here's a gif of Jad using his Ranged and Magic attack style.

So, if Jad stamps on the ground: Pray Ranged!
If Jad stays in the air: Pray Magic!
If you do hit the wrong prayer: DON'T PANIC, this can happen to the best. We all make mistakes, just heal up to full hitpoints again and continue prayer switching.

Jad's melee attack:

Alright, I'm sorry this isn't a gif. But that doesn't really matter that much.
If Jad hits with melee, he'll headbutt you. His melee attack isn't really the strongest, so if you miss the prayer switch it doesn't really matter that much. It's also not a really common attack.
You will be fine if you follow this guide.

I wish you all the best of luck with doing the fight-caves and obtaining a Fire-cape, if you have more questions you can always pm me, my ingame name is: Rens.

Take-care guys!

Guide Written By Rens!