How to get a Fire cape!
So from what I have seen in my time of playing ASL is that newbies can struggle quite a lot to get a fire cape, in fact I struggled to get a fire cape for over a year and just didn't bother trying to get one and wore skill capes instead

This Guide is going to go into detail about what you need to do to get a fire cape.
First off here's the Fire Capes stats and what it looks like.

So anyone who's played runescape and tries to get a fire cape will go straight to using range but that's where they first go wrong, on ASL it's much easier to do fight caves with mage.
The spell you will be using is Ice Barage this is a high level spell on the Ancient Spellbook to use this spell you need 94 magic and the runes to cast it (autocast is helpful).

If you don't have the money to use good gear, all the gear you need will be buyable from the shops located north west of ::home, the shops you're gonna buy things from will be the General Goods Pking Gear and the Magic Gear All three of these are right next to each other Located on the west side of the back row, You Should also buy a "Farseer Helmet" from the Armour shop.

At this point your screen should be looking something like this.

How to get there: go to your spellbook and click the "minigames teleports" then go to the second page and click "Tzhaar City"

Now for the prayers: These are all of the prayers you are gonna want to use.

The first wave you will kill the thing in like 1 or 2 hits so prayers don't matter

On the second wave a level 90 will spawn, for this you pray Range

On the third wave a level 180 and the level 90 from last wave will spawn, pray Range untill the level 90 is dead then switch to praying Melee and kill the 180

On the fourth wave the level 180 and a level 360 will spawn, for this whole wave just pray Melee.
The 360 has quite a lot of health and will give you time to breathe and think

The fifth wave three things will spawn, a 90, a 180 and a 360, at the start of this wave pray Range and kill the level 90, once the 90 is dead pray Melee for the rest of the wave and prepare yourself for JAD!

At this point you might be feeling a little nervous and shaking might occur with your hand/arm but the best thing to do is just be calm.
As soon as JAD spawns he is going to insta-hit you, this is annoying and he may hit you big as this is where most people die.
The best thing to do when he instantly hits is to be praying Range after that all you will have to do is watch your Prayer level and make sure you are switching prayers correctly, Ice Barrage will do the rest.

Jads Range attack is indicated by stomp and his Magic attack will be indicated by his two front legs being lifted high



After the fight this is what you get
A brand spankin new fire cape!

OT: Here are some more gear setups

Regular gear (somewhat wealthy player)

Great Gear (Wealthy player), the only thing to add more bonus could be Occult or 3A ammy

Now if you can't get a fire cape after viewing this guide....

Guide Written By Hatcx!