Cook's Assistant


Items Needed to Complete Quest:
11 Coins (For Flour)
2 Coins (For Bucket)

Items Acquired During Quest:
Bucket Of Milk

Cooking Gauntlets
White Apron
Chef's Hat
5,000 Cooking XP

Getting Started
To start this quest, go to Lumbridge Castle and speak with the Cook at ::Lumbridge!

The Cook will tell you to get him
- An Egg
- Flour
- Bucket Of Milk

Getting the Egg
Go to ::Lumbridge and run East over the bridge and then North till you see the chickens, Kill a chicken to obtain the egg.

Getting the flour
You need 2 Coins to get flour.

Talk to Louisa to buy a pot of flour.
To get to Louisa go to ::Lumbridge and run north then west past the cabbage patch and then North at the wheat field.

Getting the milk
Go home and buy an empty bucket from the Shopkeeper.

Then go back to Lumbridge.(::lumbridge)

Run over the bridge to the cows and use the bucket on these cows.

You should have these items in your inventory.
- An Egg
- Pot Of Flour
- Bucket Of Milk
If you do then go back to lumbridge, and talk to the cook!

Original Guide Written By Flare

Video By pablosky11400