Romeo and Juliet


Items Needed to Complete Quest:
2 Coins (For Vial of Water)

Items Acquired During Quest:
Rats Tail
Vial Of Water


1. Starting the quest:
To start the quest you go to ::varrock and talk to Romeo.

2. Romeo will ask you to go speak to Juliet, just run west till you see the castle, go up the stairs there you will find Juliet.

3. Once you have spoken to Juliet she will have given you a envelope, go back to romeo, Romeo will tell you go speak to a witch southwest from there.

4. Once you have spoken to the witch, she will want you to find 3 items, 1 Rats tail / 1 bone & 1 vial of water.

5. Getting the rats tail:
Go to ::varrock and run north east till you see the man - hole go down it, kill the giant rats till you get the rats tail.

6. Getting the vial of water:
Go to ::shops buy it from general store or go to ::skills buy it from the fairy.

7. Getting the bones:
Go to ::train and just kill a barbarian to get the bone.

8. Take all the 3 items back to the witch she will make you a potion, take the potion to Juliet.

9. After you give Juliet the potion, teleport back to ::varrock & speak to Romeo.

10. Quest completed!

(Reward you get from quest!)

Guide Written By Woody!

Video By pablosky11400