Dragon Slayer


Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Stats - [60 Attack, 60 Strenght, 40 Defence] Altough you can use any armor you prefer.
Armor - [Full Rune, Strenght Amulet, Dragon Scimitar, Anti-Dragon Shield]
Food and Pots. - [Swordfish, Prayer Pots, Str, Att, Def Pots]

Items Acquired During Quest:
Key 1
Key 2
Key 3
Dragons Head

8 Quest Points
Dragon Chain Body and Platelegs
Ability to wear a Dragon Full Helm
50k Attack Exp
50k Strenght Exp
50k Defence Exp

Hey everyone and welcome to my Dragon Slayer Quest guide! We'll start with the guide in just a sec... Now I know that Flare was going to post all Quest guides, but I really haven't seen him post anything for a while now, so I thought why not, maybe I could do it. I'm not trying to steal his idea or anything, so don't flame. Now that that's covered, lets just hop into the guide.

P.S - [On the Dialog Options if you see white text, that means you need to select that option.]

Table of Contents

1. [Starting the Quest]
2. [Obtaining the Book]
3. [Obtaining the Keys]
4. [Final Battle]

Stats - [60 Attack, 60 Strenght, 40 Defence] Altough you can use any armor you prefer.
Armor - [Full Rune, Strenght Amulet, Dragon Scimitar, Anti-Dragon Shield]
Food and Pots. - [Swordfish, Prayer Pots, Str, Att, Def Pots]

Step 1 - [Starting the Quest!]

You can start the Quest via [Quest Tab > Dragon Slayer] (Click on it)

Once you click on it, it will teleport you to the Guildmaster [I believe the name of the location to where the Guildmaster is located is called "The Warriors Guild" but I'm not quite sure] Anyway, back on topic, talk to the guild master until you get Dialog Options like these.

Click on the "I have come for a Quest" Option, then keep clicking next until you finish the Dialog. He will tell you to go see The Duke of Lumbridge. The Duke is located on the second floor of Lumbridge Castle. To get to Lumbridge, you can do so by a simple command "::Lumbridge". After teleporting to Lumbridge, run into the castle and go up the stairs, after you've done so, run a bit right until you see the Duke.

Once you have reached the Duke, talk to him until it comes up with the following Dialog Options.

The Duke will tell you about a Wizards Book which is located in Varrock.

Step 2 - [Obtaining the Book]

You can get to Varrock via Teleportion > "::Varrock". Once in Varrock run North into the castle, until you reach the library, once in the library run to the bookshelf shown in the picture.

Remember to have room in your inventory, because once you click on the bookshelf it will give you the book that we need. Now once obtained the book, we need to get back to the Duke. So teleport back to Lumbridge, run up to the Duke and talk to him, he will direct you to his assistant Hans who is located outside of Lumbridge Castle. You can either run outside or if you're lazy, you can teleport. So once outside, run up to Hans who looks like this.

When you talk to Hans he will tell you about the 3 keys that is needed to reach Elvarg.

Step 3 - [Obtaining the Keys]

Hans will tell you the locations to where the 3 keys are.

First Key - [Hans will give you the first key]
Second Key - [The second key is with Aubury, who is located in Edgeville]
Third Key - [The third key was stolen by a zombie, the zombies are in the Varrock Sewers]

After Hans has given you the key that he has, we need to start looking for the other 2, I prefer starting with the one in the Varrock Sewers, so we teleport to Varrock again, run North until you reach the castle enterance, than run East until you see a manhole, on the minimap the manhole is shown with an exclamation mark. Open and enter the manhole, then follow the map given below until you get to the Zombies.

Start killing the zombies, and don't get frustrated if the key doesn't drop after your first kill, keep killing until you get the key, and after you've gotten it, we can go after the last one. Now teleport to Edgeville via Magics Tab > Pk Teleports > Edgeville Pk.

Once in Edgeville run to the General Store where you can find Aubury, talk to him and he will teleport you to the Dark Mage inside of the Abyss, the Dark Mage will give you the last key.

Now we've got all 3 keys! Hoooray! Time to kill the Dragon don't you think? :D But not yet, hold your horses mate, there's still something we have to do... Return to the Duke in Lumbridge and speak with him, after the conversation finishes you will come up with the following Dialog Options.

You'll probably be thinking that you're ready now, but remember to check your food supply, and most importantly remember to have your Anti-Dragon Shield on or else we're totally fucked. ^_^ Now once you have checked and double checked, click on the "I'm ready" Option and go rape that Dragon like you have never raped it before!

Now if you're still reading this, than Congrats, you've succesfully raped that Dragon you sicko! Anyway... Once you kill it, it drops it's head, so don't just kill it then get your ass out of there, just because you jizzed yourself, because you were so happy that you are finally finished with this damn guide that I made to help you So, pick up the Dragons head, and head back to The Guildmaster and you're done! Congrats!


The rewards are -
1. [8 Quest Points]
2. [Dragon Chain Body and Platelegs]
3. [Ability to wear a Dragon Full Helm]
4. [50k Attack Exp]
5. [50k Strenght Exp]
6. [50k Defence Exp]

Hope you enjoyed my little guide, and congratulations on finishing the quest!

Guide Written By iSinfulx3