Easter Special


Items Needed to Complete Quest:

Items Acquired During Quest:
Easter Eggs

Easter Ring

Wooohooo Second quest guide isn't that awesome?! ^_^ Haha welcome to my Easter Special Quest guide, I'll be walking you through this quest with step by step information, on how and what to do, to finish the quest. Let's hope right in!

Note - Please have your inventory empty, or you'll get annoyed of eating the eggs and/or dropping them. :)

Table of Contents

1. [Starting the Quest]
2. [Digging for Eggs]
3. [Bunny Time]


Step 1 - [Starting the Quest]

The first thing we have to do is start the quest, to teleport to the location of the event, all you simply have to do is -> Quest tab > Easter Special... Like so.

After being teleported, you may think okay let me just go ahead and talk to the Easter bunny, then when you come up with a dialog saying he's busy or anything you'll be like "Okay fuck me, what do I do now...? :( " Basically you first have to talk to the Child that's walking around in the area, he'll tell you that you need to talk to the Easter Bunny.

Now we gotta go and talk to the Easter bunny, after chatting with him for a while you'll come up with these Dialog options below...

Then after a little bit more chatting, more Dialog options will come up.

Step 2 - [Digging for Eggs]

So, he'll tell you how you can help, and will give you a spade, and tell you to dig for Yellow Easter eggs, basically you have to dig on the pile of dirt next to the bunny..

Sooo.... Just keep digging Digging digging, and digging until you get a Yellow Easter egg, once obtained the Easter egg, digg on the hole and you'll turn into a bunny and go underground! Wooohooo ^_^ Bunny time baby! <3

Step 3 - [Bunny Time!]

Now that we're one of those sexy cuddly lil bunnies, we gotta go find him underground, so... Run forward until you see him . :) Talk to him and he'll tell you to throw 15 eggs into the chute, the chute is located on top of that mountain next to the bunny.

What you do is, click on the pile of eggs, then run to the chute and throw it in, repeat the process 15 times, and you'll be done. :) Then talk to the Bunny and you'll finish the Quest! Hoooray ^_^


I sooo love that ring!! :D <3 Congrats on finishing the quest, and hope you liked the guide! <3

Guide Written By iSinfulx3