Christmas Event


Items Needed to Complete Quest:
- 60 Woodcuttingrn- 10 Yew Logs

Items Acquired During Quest:
- Marionette Handle
- String
- Wool
- Marionette Pieces
- Puppet

- 1x Marionette
- 3 Quest Points

- Follow my steps to do it the fastest way.
- Have 10 Yew Logs ready before you start.
- Make an extra Marionette Handle if you want a cool weapon.
- Merry Christmas!

Step 1 - Getting Started!:

Go to the Quest tab and click on the "Christmas Event" tab. It will teleport you to the quest area.
Now go talk to Santa. When you reach the options, you want to click on this one:

And when you reach the next options, you want to press this one, if you wish to continue the quest:

Step 2 - Getting the supplies!:

The next options you reach is how to get the supplies. You can click the options and he will tell you how to get them, but i made it easier down below:

2-1. The Marionette Handle
Talk to one of the gnomes, they will till you it's not possible and give you these options: Click the first one!

The gnome will then tell you what is needed: 10 Yew Logs and a Saw.You will be handed the saw and the yew logs can be cut at ::skilling, or any other yew tree.
When you have gotten the Yew logs, use the saw on the logs and you'll recieve the first item needed: a Marionette Handle.

2-2. The String
Santa will tell you that there is a farmer at Lumbridge who can get you the strings.
Teleport to ::lumbridge and walk north to the farm and talk to Fred The Farmer and he will give you these options:

Click the first one and you will recieve Shears. Shear a sheep 5 times to recieve Wool, then talk to Fred again to get the Strings.

2-3. The Marionette Pieces
Teleport back to the quest area and talk to Santa again. He will tell you how to get the Marionette Pieces.
They are found in these boxes:

Step 3 - Finishing The Quest!:
Use the Marionette Pieces on eachother to make the puppet and talk to Santa to finish the quest:

Congratulations on completing the quest!

Guide Written By Luxury