Thanksgiving Event


Items Needed to Complete Quest:
- 6 Raw chickens

Items Acquired During Quest:

- Chicken Head
- Chicken Wings
- Chicken Legs
- Chicken Feet

Reqs/Items Needed:
6 Raw chickens

Step 1: How to start
You can start the quest by going on the questtab and clicking 'thanksgiving event' this will ask you if you sure you want to start it press 'yes' After clicking yes you will be teleported to varrock castle look for a king named 'King Roald' and he will start the quest for you.

Step 2: Raw chicken!
Getting the raw chicken is very easy as they only have 3hp... Click dragon slayer, walk out the door and run south east till you reach a farm full off chickens! when you have all 6 just type ::varrock and move on

Step 3: General Store!
Go to ::varrock and couple of spaces south there is a general store.. go in there and look for a guy wearing green talk to him you will ask him if he is the owner and so on...

Step 4: Pub!
South from the general store there is a pub! go inside to the end and speak to the guy behind the bar! he will sort you out ;)

Finally.. Step 5: The End!

After you have spoken to the guy at the pub you can go back to the king to claim your reward!

Quest complete!
And again another big thankyou to demsy for helping me with this quest! Deserves some credit!

Guide Written By Jay!