Recipe For Disaster


Items Needed to Complete Quest:
- 82 or 94 mage
- 1 Prayer Pot(for last boss if only 43 pray)

Items Acquired During Quest:

- 2 Quest Points
- XP Lamp
- Access to the Culinaromancer's Shop

82 or 94 mage
1 p pot (for last boss if only 43 pray)

Step 1: It all begins!
You can start the quest by clicking on the quest tab and clicking 'Recipe for disaster' This will teleport you to lumbridge castles kitchen, when you're at the kitchen speak to 'goblin chef' as shown in the picture below.

Step 2: Getting prepared!
After speaking to the goblin chef go to the bank and gear up ready to fight (unless you're already geared) Go back to the kitchen and go down the 'trapdoor' WARNING! As soon as you go down the trapdoor it begins!

Step 3: The fight!

Now you've gone down the ladder you'll be fighting. Below this text you will see the list of bosses you'll be fighting in order top to bottom... the last boss is the only boss to worry about as it hits 50s but protect RANGE and you shouldn't have any problem at all.

Step 4: The End!

After killing all 5 bosses you will be teleported out of the arena... Speak to the goblin chef in lumbridge kitchen again and claim your reward!

Lamp gives 100k exp in any skill.

DO NOT! Attempt this quest using range/melee otherwise it'll take A LOT longer than it should.

Best of luck!
Credits to Demsy for helping me with this quest, guides being his idea also!

Guide Written By Jay!