Mining & Smithing Guide
Mining & Smithing Guide


Mining & Smelting

Where to Mine & Smelt:
  • Buy a pickaxe from the Fairy shopkeeper at ::skills
  • Swing your pickaxe at the rocks!
  • Throw your ores into the furnace at the back of ::skills.

Exp values:


Where to Smith:
  • On the anvil at the back of ::skills. Best option of you are smelting and smithing at the same time.
  • On the anvil near ::varrock west bank. Best option if you are smithing bars already smelted. Stand in the square shown in the picture, make sure the door to that room is closed, as shown, and use the anvil across the path. You will be able to smith and bank without moving around.

Exp Values:

All values are per bar, in normal exp. I have highlighted the most consistent items that are the highest possible exp per bar for all metals.

Dragonfire shield: 8,500 (17,000)

How Many to Smith:


Smelt level: 1
Best items to smith: Anything, except Scimitar, Platebody, or Plateskirt.
How many ores needed: 4 (2)


Smelt level: 15
Best items to smith: Full helm (smelts 1 bar for the exp of 2). Other than that, anything except Scimitar, Warhammer, or Platebody.
How many ores needed: 14 (7)(using full helms), 28 (14)(using anything else). Approximate number, I used a full inventory.


Smelt level: 30
Best items to smith: Dagger, Sword, Mace, Med helm, Nails, Bolts, Arrowtips, Throwing knives.
How many ores needed: 37 (19)


Smelt level: 50
Best items to smith: Anything.
How many ores needed: 229 (115)


Smelt level: 70
Best items to smith: Dagger, Sword, Axe, Mace, Med helm, Nails, Bolts, Arrowtips, Throwing knives. Bolts can be used with Diamonds (cut) to make diamond bolts (e).
How many ores needed: 737 (369)


Smelt level: 85
Best items to smith: Anything except Platebody. Arrowtips (for rune arrows when Fletching) or Bolts (to make dragon bolts (e) with Dragonstones) are most useful.

How many ores needed: For 99: 2,352 (1,176)
                                              For 200m (from 99): 44,000 (22,000)

How many bars needed: For 99: 3,921 (1,961)
                                              For 200m (from 99): 73,334 (36,667)

Other Notes:
  • All values in red brackets are during double exp.
  • Coal ores can be achieved as a drop, but are not needed to make any bars and are therefore useless.
  • Although Gold ore and bars can be looted from some monsters, they cannot be mined, smelted or smithed.
  • Amounts needed for smithing are approximate, especially the lower levels.
  • You need more ores for smithing than for mining, so you might want to look ahead for each metal if you are planning to smith with your own ores.
  • You do not need a hammer for smithing.

Guide Written By Froggy!