Cooking Guide
The Cook's Guide

To start training Cooking, you will need raw fish. These can be obtained by training the Fishing skill or by buying from other players.

To the cooking!

When you have the raw fish, there is two options. I suggest you choose the second option if you want to level up fast.

Option One:

Option one is to use the ::skill command and cook your fish on the range located at the north-east part of the skilling area.
Picture of the range location is shown below:[/size]

Option Two:

Option two is to use the ::fish command to get to Catherby and then run west towards the bank.
There will be a range, in a house, right next to the bank. The trick is to have the door, to that house, closed. You will gain xp much faster.
Picture of the range location is shown below:

The door that should be closed for the trick to work is marked with a bold square!

Level 1-30, Raw Shrimps:
Exp Per: 1.559(3118)
Ammount To Use: 9(5)

Level 1-30, Raw Anchovies:
Exp Per: 1.560(3120)
Ammount To Use: 9(5)

Level 30-40, Raw Tuna:
Exp Per: 5.200(10.400)
Ammount To Use: 5(3)

Level 40-45, Raw Lobster:
Exp Per: 6.240(12.480)
Ammount To Use:4(2)

Level 45-62, Raw Swordfish:
Exp Per: 7.278(14.556)
Ammount To Use: 37(19)

Level 62-80, Raw Monkfish:
Exp Per: 7.800(15.600)
Ammount To Use: 212(106)

Level 80-82, Raw Sharks:
Exp Per: 10.919(21.838)
Ammount To Use: 40(20)

Level 82-91, Raw Sea Turtles:
Exp Per: 11.024(22.048)
Ammount To Use: 316(158)

Level 91-99, Raw Manta Ray:
Exp Per: 11.231(22.462)
Ammount To Use: 635(318)

Double exp will be bolded and marked with red. ex.: (9.000)
You can complete the "Cook's Assistant" quest to recieve a boost of 5.000 xp in the Cooking skill and 3 unique cooking items.
Go to the Cook's Assistant Quest Guide to learn more.

Going for the 200M Milestone:
You will need to cook 17.283(8.642) Raw Manta rays to each the 200m milstone from Level 91 Cooking(5.902.831xp)
You will need to cook 16.648(8.324) Raw Manta rays to reach the 200m milestone from Level 99 Cooking(13.034.431xp)

Best of luck fellow cooks!

Guide Written By Luxury!