Farming Guide

Step 1. Teleport to the skilling arena.
This can be done by typing in the command, "::skill, ::skilling, or ::skills."

Step 2. Select the "Trade" option when right clicking the Fairy Shopkeeper
This little creature would be the stationary fairy flying next to the trees.

Step 3. Purchase some Farming seeds and equipment.
At the bottom of the shop, there is two rows of seeds, and 3 individual farming tools.

Below, you will find the herb names, the level require to plant, and harvest the herb, the price the seed costs, as well as the experience from picking the herb.

Step 4. After you have bought some seeds, you will most likely want to walk over to the farming patch.

Step 5. Click on the patch, cleaning it of weeds.

Step 6. Use the seed on the patch, it will be planted.

Step 7. Use the Watering Can ( 8 ) on the patch, which will cause the herb to grow.

Step 8. Pick the herbs until the patch depletes and the weeds grow back.

Below, you will find the amount of herbs needed between each level milestone

I hope this guide helped you.

Guide Written By Sven!